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#2007 a rather belligerent looking individual

Thursday 22nd September, 2011

Dear Mariann [two in one here]
What makes Facebook get to decide what my friends’ top news is? I don’t like this top news feed. I wish they would just leave facebook alone.
From Anonymous.

Dear Mariann
I hate how FB has messed with the look of my page and my data – be nice if you were asked and could say NO !!!!!!
From CTU 3.

Both comments in reply to post #1006 flu

Yes, I had noticed that the furniture had been moved once again. But why are either of you on Facebook? You must accept that They own you and take whatever personal ‘stuff’ that you are offering. This includes friend feeds, posts, updates, Likes… *yawn*

I’m there because I’m nosy. Oh, and this entire thing started as a ‘proper’ academic research project. Now I’ve decided to go all Hollywood and keep up the charade with this blog. Hello Fans, please Like me.

Keep an eye on the Facebook settings. Other updates include the latest ‘security’ protection scale that rates how ‘secure’ your account is in three easy steps. Step one:

Mine has a ‘Medium’ protection racket around it. Facebook wants you to click through this stage, be all concerned that your data is loose, and to present you with the following Step two:

Once you’ve agreed to Step three this becomes your very own pushed data set to your mobile smart device. So not a security update at all, but Facebook’s way of getting you to sign up to Facebook mobile services. Cheeky. Why? because that kind of user contact is mega b/mucks for a company looking to compete with the commercial attempts of G+ amongst others. In short, the more they can keep you connected, the more commercial revenue they can claim.

You are the Facebook prime meat on the Facebook farm.

Such missive incidents are now one of the regular trials of modern life. Whether you are au fait and welcoming of such changes depends on your personal demeanour and likely network size.  If you assume Facebook to be the weaker opponent – as in, you assume that it is You who is control of Your data – you are very much mistaken. Just try to delete your Account information, and toss your Profile away. Go on try it. I mean really delete everything so that nothing of your original remains.

Not so easy is it?

So think of Facebook this way; as a rather belligerent looking individual, someone who you would cross the street at night to avoid, but who – in those moments of boredom and mundane-ness – provides all manner of tempting good times ahead. Fair trade?

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