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Sunday 16th October, 2011

Dear Mariann,

My doctor wants to friend me – is this usual?
From Anonymous in reply to post #1008 Facebook is like The Sun

Ah, I had hoped that this incident was a one off, but you have now contacted me eleven times in one week so I think that your Dr related conundrum deserves merit, if not words, here.

I cannot possibly imagine that this is any new digitally led practitioner-to-patient led incentive. And with this thought, one wonders where a Dr initiated Facebook Poke could take both of you?…

*imagines stretchy rubber gloves*

I also pause to reflect on what form such Facebook requests have come your way. Yes, there is the usual Friend Request, however via your eleven correspondence there appear hints and allegations of other (lets call them techniques) that your Dr has adopted. Over the course of this week these have included; three pokes, note tagging (although you are yet to reveal to me what), the obvious Friend Request, six direct messages and a shared link. Dr stopped short of a partridge in a pear tree. Although I feel this could have been on the cards, if only Facebook had thought to include this in their new (annoying) Timeline.

Whilst few from the Medical Council would ever commend such a (errrr) proactive diagnosis technique as one to emulate, we can take from such actions that you are either incredibly beguiling and good looking, OR you have some rare tropical disease that merits such attentions.

After reflecting on the above, the final bombshell came this morning when you wrote, ‘I might have asked for his phone number to check stuff’. I am almost at a loss for words. Almost.

So all this Facebook pokery has not been completely unwanted (how loose). Will/should you continue to roll this one out. Seeming to ignore the Dr’s calls for attention, whist all the while having initiated the first ‘hello’ – well you are his patient after-all. Suggest you claim either a misdiagnosis, or accept his medicine.

I only wish my Dr were so forthcoming when I want an appointment.

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