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#2012 a night spent tagging (not shagging) on Facebook

Sunday 30th October, 2011

Dear Mariann,

I made a getting smashed at Uni group and me mates put pics. My tutor somehow found them and she says it is not appropriate and that we are all being sexist. I think she does not like men. Does she have any right to report me to the Dean?

From Shaggy in reply to post #1011 old damp fur coat

Shaggy, I do like men. However, I do also find your Group abominable, crass and wholly unpleasant.Which makes you a rather unpleasant little fiend, note not friend.

I hardly think that using your social networks to promote a lack of net-worth is wise. So you’re smashed; so what?… Well learn this young person they’ll be much to explain when you head for professional and gainful employment somewhere outside of your loins. Imagine (*shock*) if your future boss were also a woman. This could happen as we (women that is, not your potential boss) do take up just over half the world population. Given this statistic it is likely that women who are not part of your ‘getting smashed at uni’ Group might also exist and disapprove.

If you don’t believe me, try inviting your mum to join your group. And your mates mum’s.  If you look at your antics as ‘hot stuff’, then perhaps you are really on the verge of a new sexual revolution that show how stupid some men really are. Then again, perhaps you just need to separate a night on the tiles from a night spent tagging (not shagging) on Facebook.

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