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#2013 self-administered drunkard skirmishes

Sunday 30th October, 2011

Dear Mariann
With my iPhone 4S I can use Siri to talk to my Facebook. Trouble is got drunk …. said things… Siri posted things…. lost friends

From Siri in reply to post #1011 old damp fur coat

Really? I find this strangely exhilarating.  I’m confused by your friends reaction. Surely you’ve managed to transgress all forms supposed decency to say be able to say you mean. And if, as you suggest, you (via some pose-y new technology) were just speaking your mind then they should appreciate your guidance. Surely.

I wouldn’t worry to much about ‘lost friends’ and if your err, ‘things that were said’, were so obtuse perhaps you had better worry about the ones who did not take the opportunity to break all ties. I hardly think that using technology as drunk and a little disorderly is an indication for friends to get lost, but I suppose this depends on how crass you were along the way.

If you don’t believe me just admire the Quayside mile Tyne Side on a Saturday night. There’s all kinds of self-administered drunkard skirmishes there and most end up spending the night together, so less a catalyst for lost friends, more like lost underwear.

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