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#2014 free coupon

Saturday 12th November, 2011

Dear Mariann,

Over a drink the other night my friend revealed that he has a ‘friend tidy’ on a regular basis to maintain his networks and not appear ‘unsightly’.  I take a different approach and friend as many people as I can – whether I know them or not. I wonder who has the right approach and is my friend correct to offer more ‘exclusive relations’?

From Mr Wrinkle via a Friend Request on a Friday night – quel surprise.

Mr Winkle – this is surprisingly your real name – thank you for your Friend Request. I feel neither special nor can I reject such advances or risk the wrath of your many thousands of friends. It does appear that you ‘own’ Facebook; to your credit I’ve only ever seen such friend farming since the invitation from Her Royal Maj to join her fan page. By the by Royalty has officially been on Facebook for a year now she had ‘fans rushing‘ to join her, so it’s good to know that a bit of Queeny action still gains interest – if only to say ‘hi-ho The British Monarchy’.  She has a YouTube channel and Twitter feed too doncha know.

Sorry Mr Winkle I got carried away there in the excitement of your advances.  Back to your mute point in hand; I propose that you are both right.  His more ‘exclusive’ services as you describe them appear honourable on the surface and yet I’m distracted by the slightly seedy undertone. Your own more generous efforts provide a very acceptable approach from which Mark Zuckerberg can make a lot of money from.  Well done you, you are your own social network promoter. Have you considered doing this kind of thing for a living?…

Perhaps you need only to reinvigorate your efforts to Friending that may become much more exciting (and even less selective) through the use of ‘Friend Development Services’. You could offer a (non) exclusive coupon:



This coupon is good if used within ten days from the date of this Friend Request…

special arrangements for readers of this blog to obtain full information for free.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG me BF has friended his ex. I’m well pissed with em. Should I dump his face or friend my exs and I have lots GF?

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