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#2016 could they DEMAND passwords as well?!!!!

Sunday 4th December, 2011

Dear Mariann,

My U careers office has a list of companies that will ‘clean’ people’s online profiles before they do job applications. In the Daily Mail there is a story about how employers can demand your Facebook password as part of a job application. Should I pay the money for a clean out?
From Cleaner in reply to post #1015 is she calling my bluff?… Help!

Are you really at ‘U’/niversity? Your grammar is appalling.

’nuff said on that front as your Daily Mail readership explains everything. Turning to this nasty little sheet that leaves ones hands as grubby from the cheap ink, as it does its cheaper ‘stories’ I see what you mean: Employers already snoop on Facebook accounts during job applications – but could they DEMAND passwords as well?

This is the Daily Mail, we’re not even close to real world territory here. As for the appropriate codes of behaviour these got torn up and thrown away the moment my cat peed on the rest of these pages in lieu of the appropriate posh cat litter.  According to her the Mail is fair game for all kinds of piss.

As for whether you should ‘send money’ to your ‘Cleaner’, I see you got my email from I’d like to take this opportunity to confirm the transfer of £s from you to me and I can also guarantee your win on the Canadian pools too. Please also send your bank details, username and password for security purposes. Tanks.

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