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#2021 And the winners are…

Tuesday 7th February, 2012

In my last post I invited You dear Reader to reply to post #1020 what are you saying?!!!!

What follows are the dilemmas and the two award wining replies from readers Janet and Mecnken

So once again, I hand over to  you, the folk who read this blog (all 1,300 last week) and to all those other people who not only read, but take the time to post comments and write in. I appreciate your zeal and energy, and I truly do say thank you again and again. Mostly as you do amuse.

Finally, to you Rev Harwood, “blessings” indeed, but I wouldn’t.

Dilemma One | From Him:

I was recently introduced to an attractive woman. She seems the up for it type and when I met her was ‘single’ on her Facebook page. I’m not being sexist but a guy can expect his girlfriend to be around him and do things for him like – a bit of car cleaning would be nice.  Is this too much to ask? My take is that she has delusions of grandeur, and self-promoted ‘celebrity’. I don’t really know where she is coming from and I have removed my relationship status from Facebook. Is this right?

He – get a life looser or no it is not 1940 or grow up. I’ve know men like this and what they had is over mothering and no siblings – so expect girlfriends to treat them as mother’s little daring. Join MySpace

Love from Janet.


Dilemma Two | From Her:

I have delusions of grandeur and think my boyfriend is holding me back. I happened to see that the boyfriend has recently removed his relationship status from Facebook. I suspect this is a half-arsed attempt to split up with me without having to have ‘that conversation’. I’d rather not let him wimp out of such discussions. However, could it also be the case that unfriend will delete a drooping and unresponsive limber from my timeline?

Dear Her,

I note what you say about your aspiration for grandiose ‘fame’ . I am sending you this as a comment to represent a double-barreled reply, so that you can hit him square with it between the eyes.

My advice is that I suggest you load and fire up a token communication of whatever comes into your head. You will thank me.

From Mecnken

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