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#2022 what’s your love story?

Tuesday 7th February, 2012

Dr Hardey, 

Fudge you Facebook ads! No I do not want an internet date. Yes I am happy without a Russian bride. YOU GET MY SHOUT mother truckers! And now you want Me to tell You if I’ve ‘rekindled a romance’ on Facebook. What is this?!!!! Is my personal Profile Page not enough. Do you not already make enough $s from my Status Updates. Hardey, is Facebook going to tell me when to get hitched or can I just carry on using it as a hump club?…

From S. Hagua (without a marriage proposal. Such relief).

Oh such hump hurdles. Mister Hagua, you show an unorthodox approach to romance don’t you? I am perplexed as to why you are complaining; on the one hand you present that you’re against Russian bridal promotions, but on the other you do welcome humping your way through your friend list.

You should be grateful that Facebook is so ‘tactful’ with your Profile, when they could easily issue an intelligence test after log-in to establish your bona fides. Yes, Facebook will notify you when there is a suitable ‘bride’ on the stocks. She will be ‘well connected’, but ‘well dense’ to compliment your lack of perspicaciousness. per·spi·ca·cious (pûr sp -k sh s). I suggest you Google that.

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