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#2027 not an end of posts

Monday 7th May, 2012

I had written in my previous note that there might be an end of posts.

There will not.

What there shall be is some creative redesign.

In short, I like words; yours and mine.  Come the end of June 2012, you will be treated to a new site, that will be over-brimming with big buttery words and straitlaced natch.  I like to get the crunchy brittle between my teeth to grapple and jostle with whatever Facebook and the rest of the digital landscape will bring…

So from little posts in 2005 to now pfbe will continue to be for you dear reader…

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  1. Dr Buxton says:

    Just read your news Maz. Sad times, but we’re delighted here to hear that you will still be writing pfbe. Stay in touch and hope to see you at the Edbookfest this year!

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