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#2028 Tasty morsels

Friday 11th May, 2012

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Dr H.

Ever since Facebook took over Instagram there’s been a case of boobgate all over my friend Mrs Darling’s pages.  She certainly has a splendid rack, but I worry she’ll get bored of posing and I’ll be left with only work to do. How can I encourage her latest endevours and should I add her to my Close Friends Newsfeed?…

From Dr Dack, via a rather nifty Scrabble Game app request.

Pause. Now, imagine a social network of just breasts. Nothing more.

Yes this is a tricky departure for it is not as if the interweb is flooded with such images…

Does Mrs Darling have a face too, or does the sweat just drip off your brow with the publication of her rack?… Sorry, I should not tease, lest we forget that Facebook was ‘founded’ (as with the rest of the interweb) on the rating of ‘Friends’ who were ‘Hot’ or ‘Not’.

Modesty not being one of yours nor Mrs Darlings sensibilities, I know something that you would like that may even broaden both your horizons. I wonder, if you know of Boobstagram ? The brain child of two French men (of course)! it publishes only images of boobs – in the most tasteful manner of course. That grown-up and classy way that the French can get away with.

This may take you away from Mrs Darling and it will also safeguard against the potential disappearance of her cleavage from your Timeline. For what are boobs, if not to be shared amongst friends.

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