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Wednesday 4th July, 2012

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Dear Dr H.

Have you ever considered what makes a terrific dilemma?  I think that mine is suitably good – but really what does a guy have to do to get some traction on your site?

Looking great btw *wink*

From The via a very cheeky postcard.

Ah ha, I shall post your dilemma and a retort of sorts.

Reasons not to publish anything come in various forms from the I just don’t like you, to the not enough flirt in your composition, and then we’re down to my favourite – Poor dialogue. Exposition of the dilemma with inappropriate confabulation is a common failing. Or just boring:

“My wife is on Facebook. I am not. What do you think about that?”

“I must be very careful now as my husband is on Facebook and he wears a hat.”

“Yes I am a stalker, and oh I like to look at my work colleagues.”

“Look out! Status update dead ahead!”

Maybe you’ve heard somewhere that there has to be a twist in the tale. Well you are right. What they didn’t add was, “not at any boring price.” If there is a ‘real’ dilemma, it should be something that people really might say or do. Wear a hat indeed. Humph.

You need not come across as a ventriloquist dummy to tell the tale through, just be yourself.

There can be a whole complex affair without anything really happening (much like the rest of Facebook), and there can be lots going on at once. What there must not be is a failure of interlocution.

Another thing, if your dilemma is well crafted enough then you should find that hardly any flirtation is required and I am only too delighted to publish your posts. So there.

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