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Monday 16th July, 2012

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Hi Dr H.,

I’ve been visiting Proper Facebook Etiquette for a few months now and really like it! What gets my goat are those ‘crazy things’ that people do. There I was at my local mall random dancing and someone decided to make a video and tag me. So now I’m part of a crazy vending machine spoof that gets people to do hilarious things in order to get a snack for free. Should I feel exploited, ashamed or is this just another thing to add to my CV?

Hope you post,
From A. Walton via a nice email and a dash of self-publicity

Excuse my tardy reply to your dilemma A. I was in the cultural metropolis of New York playing vigilante with Macs at a certain fruit related store on 5th Avenue and have only just been released from New York cop questioning.

Gosh it’s easy to get left behind isn’t it. It’s barely been a week and already an entirely new video has been uploaded to ensure that we do silly things with vending machines. Is such excitement really allowed?! Chances are God won’t let another moment pass by without an Anyone surreptitiously filming and then posting this content on the interweb. She (God) probably has at least ten computers all primed to update automatically if something really sexy happens, like a kitten sitting in a car, or high on cat crack (catnip). Sometimes she even tweets LOL #cute, just as she did when she made Adam and Eve #Godforgrins

Things change so rapidly these days it’s easy to get left behind, so don’t feel ‘exploited’, instead feel proud that you are part of that slick running machine where online tittering occurs around mistaken, if not opportunistic identity ‘theft’ – spare a thought for David Cameron who could be either one or two, my preference for number two much more of a knob in some respects, which makes him even more amusing and less stale than our own politico friend:

  1. UK Prime Minister (Number10gov) on Twitter

    The official twitter channel for Prime Minister David Cameron’s office, based at 10 Downing Street. Twitter policy:

  2. David Cameron (davidcameron) on Twitter

    David Cameron. @davidcameron. I am NOT the prime minister. I am a dude from America, who is more awesome than the prime minister. McMinnville Oregon

Kudos to you McMinnville, you might like A.’s dance off video too. LOL #really.

Actually, it’s very refreshing that you ask A. about your exploited, ashamed or ‘add to my CV’ dilemma.  I note from your words that you are a few years younger than I, which means that you get a headstart in wilfully deciding to post everything about yourself digitally and share this at a moments notice.  My question to you is; well how could you NOT add this to your CV?! Sacrilege indeed. Lots of people seem to assume that sooner or later something about them will get posted somewhere and then talked about. Being 31years young I consider myself too old and sophisticated to be completely convinced that such details are important, and that (actually) it is a healthy thing to disconnect once in while (you might like my research paper on this, then again there are words of more than one sentance long, so your Facebook generation brain might think it requiring too much concentration. There not being a Like button and all.

Take this video as a moment for your starring role. One that will remain forever tagged in your mind as “cool” content to be “Liked”. Until you get old/er and acutely humiliated by your Disco attempts.

Still it was fun whilst it lasted.


#smileyface #downwiththekids

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