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#2036 inevitable Olympics post

Wednesday 18th July, 2012

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Dr H.

Olympics, olympics everywhere and not a jot of anything interesting. What do you make of this enforced patriotism stuff?

From David Herbert via some Olympian torch signals. How wonderfully old ‘skool’.

I glance at the screen in horror. Nay terror! One terrible cry and convulsion and its Game Over. Gosh if only. Yes these pesky Olympic things. I keep getting ads for not only Cheryl Cole weight-loss AND her hair extensions, but also affiliated Olympic marketing to really rub home the ‘perfectly’ honed exterior. Ghastly.

Live as I do, with only ‘proper’ screens. Not as in TV (yes really, madam has no television), but computers only, and feel free and slightly smug that you won’t have to stare down Usain Bolt’s lycra. Then again, with this in mind, tv is not looking so bad after-all. Much better than that shouty East End crew anyway – this is what my neighbour Edith describes as ‘that program’ between the news ‘dear’ and ‘crime watch’. I do wonder about her viewing habits. Really I do. But then I should get out more.

Oh for goodness sakes, have some originality, stop watching the Everyone’s Olympics and do your own. For what could be more splendid! You could set up a little Olympian event on FB and invite ‘Friends’ primarily for the purpose of some fizzy-pop (such larks) and taking some terribly embarrassing pictures you can tag your friends in later – a sack race, egg and spoon trot etc. Think what fun that could be.

And on reflection your later tagging and their de-tagging could almost be an Olympic sport in itself.

Such. Fun.

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