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#2037 Naked kittens are cute.

Sunday 22nd July, 2012

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From Prof Alasdair in the USA

Dear Dr H.

Does Facebook miss all aspects of moral life?…

From Prof Alasdair USA.

TAGGED!!!!!! Photo!!!!! Bikini!!!!!!!

<sorry just including what has come up in my NewsFeed this morning>

On the above based evidence, is Facebook lacking moral fibre one may well ask. Well, Professor, human beings are essentially story-telling creatures. Part of this is to show a moral shallowness, nay even blindness to good taste – ergo once the sun is out a barrage(!) of bikini-based images. Such scenarios that may flow from historic memories and become competing posts.

Let us, for instance, take the/your family as a small network within a network. Posts that are shared here should be formed around the best of tastes – you do not want Granny Liz stumbling across your drunk/naked/funny-cat (ok maybe you do)/ sniping content. You want to appear as ‘innocent’ and ‘lovely’ to ensure an easy time around dinner/family-based event activities.

There are heightened moral obligations due to the performativity of Facebook – as a Prof, you’ll have met theorists such as George Herbert Mead. It is then perfectly natural to recognise and be aware of your morality with regard to friends and family. Facebook ensures that you can choose within the frameworks of membership how to act and when to act. Hang about, just like we do in ‘real life’.

I’ll give this example, there are a LOT of things my friends share I find deeply disturbing (countdowns to hen and stag parties, the biggest <insert body part here> award, requests for gifts (seriously), requests for… (ok, lets not go here)), but equally there is always room in my world for a fluffy kitten pictures and the odd poke. So we occupy a seriously communal and social active landscape.  One that is both morally obtuse and astute.

Best not to post anything naked.

Unless kittens.

Naked kittens are cute.

Alasdair MacIntyre

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