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Monday 27th August, 2012

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Dear Dr M.

You need the details: Ex-girlfriend ‘C’ had unfriended me on Facebook and blocked me on Twitter. Today she has re-Freind-Requested me.  I can think of only two responses. Perhaps you can help me figure another way?…

From FYUtA via the new pfbe submit form.

Why do you care what she wants? Sorry, was that was dreadfully harsh you did after all care about each other once, perhaps you should continue to care some more…Perhaps.

Another way: Here’s what you should do; Accept her Friend-Request. Immediately write on her Wall something over-top and self-satisfying, tag unflattering pictures of her, send updates about your new exciting path to a social life and include lots of visual content of ‘is she/ could be a model’ friend/s.

Then just as ‘C’ has taken her ‘bait’; Unfriend without warning or repose.

For your question suggests unfinished game playing. And this is not a Friend-Request at all, but an invitation for Games to begin.

Personally I’d ignore her, the Tri-County D*ck Mangler.

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