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#2045 a tender man

Friday 12th October, 2012

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Dear Dr M.

Here I go again. It’s so wrong, it must be right; all I want is be more than tokenistic Facebook friends with a certain beguiling woman.  Unfortunately given my latest foray into France, I’ve some rather embarrassing messages that have become public knowledge.  Obviously I’ve deleted these, but let’s just say they didn’t exactly put in the best light.  I think I’ll follow your lead for how to get myself together.


From MisterParton direct to my intray via the pfbe Submit Form.

Too much exposure hmmmmmm. Two immediate directives for action; 1. unfriend said Maiden, then refriend and make out you’ve been ‘reborn’ as twere as a considered gentleman, who will hold her hand on long walks, run her hot baths, have truffles at the ready and consider her fabulous even when she’s reclining on the sofa enjoying a ‘duvet day’.  This is all any woman wants. 2. post everything that I’ve just listed with some added gentlemanly ‘wash’. She’ll be impressed at the depth of your devotion. Failing this, she’ll just fancy you long enough for you to make good on your promises of truffles and a hot bath.

Enjoy heartbreaker. I expect to observe an update in your Relationship Status any day soon.


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