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#2046 starting over with winona ryder

Friday 12th October, 2012

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Dear Dr M.

I’ve been tagged in a most unflattering position. Is it time to start over again?

From Dolly. Starting over.

The mind boggles. What position is this?… And how unflattering?!!!!

I remember a time at school when you were forced into such situations on an almost week basis, usually this occurred after you found yourself without a gym kit, or sufficient excuse (forged correspondence from Pa) to be excused from Games. .These were the days when you were forced to play games in your underpants.  If this was a pre-luncheon PE session, you spent the rest of the school day very much starting over again. Oddly enough the development of SNS has made it necessary to continually start over again. Consider this the digital equivalent of placing yourself firmly under the scrutiny of a verbose games teacher and all those popular people who always seemed to have a pressed games kit ready to go – possibly enticing, but just as likely to end in embarrassing Newsfeed disaster.

If you really want to try something different move ahead by tagging all manner of expensively lit and not-quite-posed images of yourself. Or Winona Ryder, i’m sure everyone will be convinced that’s you that is.

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