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#2047 unruly train conductor

Sunday 14th October, 2012

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Dr M.

Thank you for the sensible critique of the unruly train conductor. Me & my cousin were just preparing to do some research on grumpy mules, when you encouraged us to Google his name. What a shock that he was on Facebook! We got our own back with some random stuff posted to his Wall. And an advert link to Cheryle Cole lipo-suction. Can’t thank you enough for being friendly and open enough to share your blog with us.

Thanks MrsBarbour and Ellis.

Bab’s, delighted to have sat with you on yours and your daughter’s latest adventure. You never know who is going to crop up on these little excursions do you.  Well who’d have thought that any conductor would be such (I borrow here from recent ‘popular’ lexical outburst) ‘pleb‘. But pleb he was. I, like you, am appalled by what seems to pass for train etiquette these days. After taking away anyone’s ticket and being quite appalling and interrogatory about seat reservations, I always ensure to make a note of anyone’s name I am dealing with.

As you discovered, this has two advantages. The first, you ‘know’ who they are and can in one vocal swipe unnerve their activities by saying (terribly polite) ‘Samuel, this is not our mistake, but it is a situation that you can help us to resolve.’  IF (as this particular Samuel proved) they should be ‘shoddy’, then this brings us rather neatly onto our second advantage – with one flush of the inter-web you find all their personal networks.

Now you know that I would never advocate any below-par behaviour, but it is interesting to see what your ‘new friend’ Samuel is up to at the weekend. Especially if his Instragram account is synced with his Facebook Profile. And even more extraordinary to learn that he wears his conductors uniform even outside of work. Chuckle.  I thought it was very nice of you to offer his Facebook page new and ‘Recommended Friends’.  A danger for anyone who is reading this should your Profile page be wide open.  I am also delighted to have been able to update your own Facebook settings to ensure that you ‘below the radar’ and hidden from public view. We can can’t have Samuel ‘friending’ you back can we?

So Bab’s we covered your modesty, before returning a slam-dunk to Samuel’s discourtesy.  I know of at least one individual who might be more careful when next he is called upon to do a good deed and behaves in a rather too vigorous and inappropriate fashion.  I mention the embarrassment element when it should not be ‘entirely normal’ to be bullied and to have let any authoritarian swing his ticket machine in public. 

Surely it is a male thing to be unfazed by full on aggressiveness, which makes it decidedly OK (and more sophisticated) to be amused from another end.

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