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Friday 7th December, 2012

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Dear Dr M.

I’ve an interview at a BIG firm coming up.  I’ve already pumped my panels names into Google. Most are on Facebook, is it the correct etiquette to ‘Friend’ before or after I stand up in front of them in my shirt and tie?…

From Hairy Figure.

My don’t you have swagger. Oh Friend immediately I say, then if there’s any ‘iffy’ questions come the interview you can whip out their ‘naked’ snaps and talk about how entertaining you found their last post of a ‘funny’ cat LOLz.

Hairy, I’m terribly sorry that was incredibly 2-D thinking of me. Not everyone is so crass as to have any naked pics adorning their social media walls, let alone funny cat pic’z’. If I recall correctly it was Aristotle who uttered those rather infamous, and helpful wordsAll paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind.” Luckily you’re already ahead in these stakes, being first on Facebook and second reading this blog. Well done. Consider your mind suitably up for degradation and a little more deteriorated around the edges.

There are other more subtle ways of getting to know your panel in advance. As these characters seem to appear on your Facebook feeds already, instead of a quick friend fumble here and there, why not stalk them with some class (and without their knowledge) by watching their Instagram feed, finding out their Twitter id and quietly digesting their information from afar.

Underhand? I hear you ask. Ah, not so, this hows your independent research skills. Slightly creepy? You query.  No, no, simply evidence of your ability to take into account all character traits of the potential team.  And finally, evidence not only of your dexterity, but digital advanced knowledge.

If these actions fail to get you the job, you already know where they live and what their cat looks like…

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