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#2052 What I Liked. Owls are what I Like.

Friday 4th January, 2013

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Dear Dr Maz,

It has come to my attention that Facebook promotes and publishes ‘stuff I have Liked’ to my entire Friend list; circa 17,000 peeps. I find this vulgar and mildly irritating are there ways and means to alleviate my desire to Like, or at least in the eyes of my Friends. I quite Liking willy nilly.

A verbal dilemma request. One that I Liked.

Oh what’s not to Like, Facebook puts all this effort into carefully juicing up its algorithms so that any Posts that you are Likeable and now you want to restrict their fun! Anyone would think this to be your data and not theirs. To hurt Facebook’s purchasing managers and marketing team most you’ll want to take a closer look at the newly Revised Privacy Settings. To do this view the tab on the top right of your Pages – looks like a lock, which is ironic when you consider how insecure your privacy really is.

Of course the trouble with Facebook is that there’s too much Face and not enough of a closed book on your personal data, but hey hey(!) this is what we signed up for. Our rather open identity policy for Now.

I’m more interested in unpacking Facebook configuration of a lock as a guide for Privacy. I wonder what may tell us…

Main Entry:
lock  [lok] Show IPA
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: device that fastens and bars free passage
Synonyms: bar, bolt, bond, catch, clamp, clasp, clinch, connection, fastening, fixture, grapple, grip, hasp, hook, junction, latch, link, padlock
Antonyms: key

So this bars free passage? What’s not to Like. I still hold a soft, disquiet fear. Nay an unease.  Let’s take a tougher line here. It is seriously (Like really) unlikely that Friends are going to be at all interested in what you Like. Unless it’s owls. Then immediately any content becomes amusing and content worthy. And owl-like.

We have rather hyper-attitudes on when it comes to privacy. At home one would never declare ‘I Like this!’ for all our neighbours to hear. Well we might if we really want to annoy our neighbours, but it is likely that we’d reflect that this wouldn’t be either amusing or of interest enough to spontaneously notify someone else who may know us, and might remember how they know us and might be interested in what we say. So it’s all Facebook’s fault. They are deliberating hoisting our Friend feeds with tedious Likes.

The question today is how soon will you use your personal lock and restrict your Liked activity? Or could you keep it open please, cos I’m bored. And I Like posts about owls too.

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