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#2053 out of spit and sludge

Saturday 19th January, 2013

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My dear Dr H., 
I should have written to you yesterday or the day before, for if I had been up to the writing I could have communicated that I think that Facebook is cr*p and good for Face Porn only. Your thoughts…

From MisterPacked.

Mister Packed, how your amuse. I confess Sir, that I am a little shaken, not by the beating of this old drum, but the dragging of the good name of Facebook that surely has lent itself to more hours of distraction and carry on than any other form of ‘interaction’.

Fortunately, I get of the house at least once a day to scrounge for cat food and make sure to collect feathers for a hat I’m making out of spit and sludge that I’m going to post on Pinterest and then sell for a fortune on eBay – ‘authentic vintage’ innit. Surely this is what the likes of your Facebook cr*p and friends have given us. Their permission to be in the moment (even tyrannical), as much as out of the moment and being distracted by things when one should be doing other stuff.

I’d enjoy the FaceCr*p for as long as you can bear. After SocialGraph you’ll forget who your real friends are anyway.


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