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Wednesday 6th March, 2013

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Dear Dr M.

Let me share my recent observations. There is no virtue on Facebook, discuss: I am a single entity in my own right.  However, Facebook insists that I proclaim a ‘relationship status’ just like all my male friends do – even though I know their ‘relationships’ hide their real activities.  Is this social capital and what about the double standards involved here?

Thanks from a Professor on the field.

I hear the grand bell of social judgement clanging here.  Clang.

I notice that We are supposedly spending less time on Facebook. This is good, as it gives a chance of those Relationships to really simmer – beyond a poke.  Sorry was that too crass. The image alone should provoke some kind of activity.

Facebook is for sharing, and there is nothing other Friends would like more than an ebullient series of updates about what your potential bedroom antics are. Why not instagram the moment, as it will warm their hearts to witness the exchange of obviously extrovert and yet tastefully portrayed sexy time: and time is running out. Who knows, by next year, you might have been forced to bung your orgies onto their own Fanpage, co-hosted and sponsored by some pizza company.  So make the most of this opportunity to display your virtues to the world.

Such as they appear. Surely this will define your social capital?

As an aside, I notice of the photographs of Facebook showing-off that most of those young women chose to define themselves without a hint of discretion about the reveal of their underwear. Why some even instagram their stockings. Outrageous.  Whether this is the double standard you hint at I couldn’t say without knowing more about your stockings and state of play with regard to your normal dress style.

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