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#2062 I’ve joined a feminist friend group

Monday 15th April, 2013

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Dear Dr H.

I’ve joined a feminist friend group on Facebook. So far their updates include a ‘how to bake’ afternoon, ‘join us for the felt club, club’, and finally a ‘bridget jones film evening’. Are standards slipping? Is this a Facebook conspiracy to only have clichéd club? Help!

From friend of feminists.

The fascination with the differences between women and men lend themselves to much discussion. Pop psychology, culture, ah and even the topics for this blog.  The question I’m really hearing here is about an absolute disregard of women as equal, and as women away from their expected ‘role’ or various cultural overtones.

I’ve noticed that some feminists don’t even know who Bridget Jones is. She being such an Ambassador and all! Is their preference for baking, chick flicks and felt-making some obscure exhibitionism or a less obscure form of women’s lib?

I find this curious, rather than encouraging (yay feminism exists on Facebook *mute cheer*) so I am tempted to join this feminist friend group myself (although I’ll probably wait for a male-only cohort).

Some groups used to be exclusively for information, but oddly enough, this has not survived the introduction of marketing and embedded advertising on Facebook.  Social networking has become the voyeuristic equivalent of running without a sports bra – enticing and jiggled, and just as likely to invite attention, and commercials! Sex sells ladies.

If you really want to try something different start a new discussion thread that involves a male-specific perspective. Then post something reactionary and hysterical.

And renew your membership to the WI.

Say it loud n proud: I am a Feminist!

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