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#2063 Since the local Wife Swap Facebook Group appeared…

Tuesday 16th April, 2013

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Dear Dr H.

Since the local Wife Swap Facebook Group appeared, my lover has become distinctly spicier in the bedroom. In fact he’s been on all kinds of specialist websites.

Thing is, I worry he’ll turn back into that insecure moron I might have married before. My question is: can one invite other friends to such groups – especially if you’ve had a crush on them for yonks?…
From Mrs Lupton, by email
Mrs Lupton, it all depends on two contingencies; these being the ecstasy and the agony! What’s erotic and mediated through a Facebook Group (really?!!!) is borderline a bit pervy and shady when posted onto Friend’s Wall’s.

As for inviting other Friend’s into your digital Ménage‘, ask yourself, would this make me cringe in any other context? If your answer is yes, then we can cast this under ‘agony,’ in terms of an over-analysis of potential hurt -oh, those oratories!

Also isn’t this just a little bit exhibitionist and pervy?… What’s wrong with quadruple vodka redbulls on a Friday night, getting smashed, falling over and waking up (unintentionally) with someone else’s wife/husband.

It’s encouraging that you are not losing any sleep over your attraction to a moron.

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