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Monday 22nd April, 2013

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Dear Dr M.

It has come to my attention that you are also a proper academic. As well as a proper blogger. I wonder if such digital diversions are an entirely appropriate use of your academic skill-set?…

From these Times (are) Highly Excellent THE.

Be bold I say. I didn’t get where I am today by making friends and alienating people! Oh, wait just a moment, yes I did. This is precisely what Facebook encourages. Adding countless ‘Friends’ and at the same time a rather foreboding sense of isolation that comes from an alienated behind the screen existence when you’re never actually with your friends.

But oh, so ripe for research! What are we doing to ourselves?! I’ve been informed by rather senior folk that the composition of ‘just a blog’ is not an ardent reflection of academic effort or impact, and that it is advisable to desist (immediately)! Well god-dammit it if there are not more readers to this blog than much of the higher-brow academic outputs. As this is the case, surely there is space for both these ‘outputs’ to exist at once. Nay, to even compliment one another. Even the Daily Mail has a blog(!)

I’m a big fan of Dave Beer senior lecturer at the University of York and author of the Thinking Culture blog: in love with University of Sydney scholar Deborah Lupton with This Sociological Life; and the lovely (if annoyingly spelled) danah boyd, the US social media scholar. All demand good and regular online readership. And have impact.

Writing of impact, there is one digital and hard-copy output I am particularly pleased to subscribe and read. Their acronym is THE, and the Letter’s to the Editor page is thoroughly excellent. You should read it. And this, of course.

So as you can read, this is an entirely appropriate use of my resources.

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