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#2069 a flamboyant show and tell of ink, skin and pictures of cats.

Tuesday 23rd April, 2013

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Dear Dr M. 

I am delighted to confirm that I have a new tattoo. It is also on Facebook. Is this a crass use of social networking, or can I enjoy the spoils of self-appointed photo glory?…

Jozo from Cape Town via a tweet #pfbe.

What is social networking? It is a narcissist-fueled form of personal representation. What is a tattoo? Why, it is a body modification that enables one to create a personal look that is intimately tied to self identity. Ah-ha! both a narcissist-fueled form of personal representation. Surely what you are doing is drawing these two natural spheres into closer circulation.

So, in my eyes you show a degree of sophistication, not taking off your clothes in t’pub, but posting (in kind consideration (obviously)) to pre-empt, and even pre-warn, your nearest and dearest to your most showy of skin.  This is Art. This is a newly woven interplay of self and posing. Imagine a world where the oppressive, over-perfected images of skin define and practice who you are. Then imagine a world where you can update your ‘look’ digitally and embodied any time.

Your contribution is then to an essential (skin-based) presence to a variety of social settings. 

Next you’ll be required to update your body modification as you see fit.

Just the other day, I got a random tattoo wrapped around my torso. It consists of several artistically constructed squares and a signature motif from Josef Albers himself, which makes everyone else think that I am arty, or at least more creative than I really can, can. I like squares. This must be mean something…. I’ll figure it out.

Meantime SNS provide a flamboyant show and tell of ink, skin and pictures of cats.

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