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#2071 Have you been blocked before?

Thursday 2nd May, 2013

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Dear Dr M.

What is it like to be blocked?

From Mister Allerton. 

Quite a nasty affliction actually. You cannot imagine the discomfiture when sitting down. Even worse when standing up.

I’d recommend a plunger. I’ve a firm friend who always keeps one to hand. Until one occasion when he did not and he awoke rather shame-faced to discover all manner of sh*te over the place.

Have you been blocked before? Perhaps there’s something to be gained here? A new perspective? An appreciation for what made you want to connect / nay even ‘friend’ in the first place? Or has there been an overall plunging drop in the tone of your communications?

I wouldn’t let it worry you too much. There are other U-bends to be found and I am sure that you quite marvelous blocked or otherwise. Put it down to being able to see the best of yourself in others.

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