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Saturday 4th May, 2013

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Dear Dr M.
FACEBOOK! Causes! ‘psychotic episodes and delusions’!!!!! [claims study]
From my favourite of people, she is a star amongst scholars and bought this to my attention. She also reads rather well.
Being myself rather partial to Facebook, or to put it crudely a long-term user of their servers, and not wanting to stop, yet wanting credible control of my life, my reply to this ‘study’ is to ask psychotic and delusional to whom?…
Loads of us have been ruminating on whether it is Facebook ‘causing’ a psychotic turn OR that these are delusional individuals in the first instance. Answer number 2. in case you’re still not up to speed.
It is impossible to leave this SNS. Oh, you can ‘delete’ your account, but that’s not the end. There’s still the small matter of all your data that you don’t have anymore. That you never had (hahaahahaahahaha *insert evil laughter here*).
With such ‘informed’ studies, I would have thought it was obvious what is the delusional cause here: perhaps this link will be a clue. And voilà, time tape a bit of black lace to your naked body and compose a ‘selfie’ that is a touch risqué – but won’t go unnoticed if you take the precaution of tagging this on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ,that other site, and that other one – which will also give you an even-social tone and another ‘episode’ to become delusional over.
For those who like to be informed, I also like these ‘studies’:

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