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Tuesday 11th June, 2013

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Dear Dr M.

Do you have a Facebook Fan Page?… Well you could ! with just one click ! Facebook is free advertising innit!

Overheard amongst a flock of ‘social media gurus’ deep in discussion at a favourite coffee house.

I feel dirt gathering beneath my finger nails. My ears are clanging (this is much harsher than ringing) with your words… Oh, aren’t you clever.  I expect you’ve done a marketing course too. But I hope not one of these that I teach.  

This is typical of any Guru’s ‘enthusiasm’ (read exploitation) for the opportunities of social media. You say ‘free advertising’; well yes, certainly it IS free if your idea of advertising is putting up a Facebook Fan Page and recording the Likes. Well done you. You have ‘Fan’s’.

Does this correspond to effective marketing? maybe, but unlikely.  Does this merit a dissertation topic at higher education levels, not in isolation (how limiting, how terribly dull), can we apply what I like to term as the bog roll test? Well yes we should. This test being to assess if the efforts of marketers are soft and long-lasting (oooo, fresh); or harsh, irritating and slightly scratchy (a bit like those rolls of toilet tissue that used to/ perhaps these still do/ exist in random public outlets, at school (at least in my day), or at strange service centres off Autobahn and M-way roads).

We can extend this ‘test’ to apply it’s litmus and uppermost assessment/s; these being a) the sniff; and b) the sh*t.

But scratch and sniff the surface and what ‘evidence’ do we have that any applied marketing techniques that are ‘free’ through Facebook work?  I asked a select group of ‘friends’, and seven out of ten said they unLiked, and three others threatened to sue me for breach of Privacy. 

You Guru’s seem to think that consumer’s are daft.

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