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#2078 increasingly dire reflection of all that is wrong with humanity?

Sunday 21st July, 2013

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Dear Mariann,

I read frequently. In fact I even read your blog. I want to know if Facebook is an attack on high culture and should be viewed as as increasingly dire reflection of all that is wrong with humanity? I ask, only that I read you in TheObserver last week, and thought that the use of the Selfie, isn’t novel and fun, but antagonistic and wrong.

Sent with thanks, from Mr H.G.Ends, as World’s End.

Mr Ends, now read this, Facebook is an activity based on the deliberate dramatisation of everyday life.  What fails to lift or be ‘fun’ for you, is a simple case of your circumstance oppressing anything mildly amusing.

You, like many of your kind – popular media included, make a ‘big deal’ of artificially dichotomous divisions that need to be: high versus low culture; real versus unreal; vulnerability versus vanity – I could go on.  Communication, nay the art of simply being social is more complex than yours and others observations suggest.

Imagine ten, twenty, thirty, more years from now when the build up of digital labours provides a ‘full’ autobiography of any individual (you might like my research on the digital selife – more to read!).   I am reminded at this juncture of the write H.G.Wells (who shares your first initials), when he wrote a newspaper article with a rather candid note about: ‘evil absurdities of the wildest freaks’. I bring this to your attention, not because we are interested in passing judgement on the art treasures of North Italy (as Wells was), but to reflect; social media is absurd, and yes allows for the wildest of freaks – whether this be high or low culture, is up to rather supercilious folk like you to decide.

Go on, compose a selfie. How will you know what kind of highbrow social commentary you could be making if you don’t try. Although, I note that you read this – which I’m taking (whether intended or not) as a compliment to the accolade of high culture.

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