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#2080 chocolate: It is very disappointing

Tuesday 30th July, 2013

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Dear Mariann,

The new Head for Commercial Brand Management of a rather famous chocolate company, has launched a new product for Facebook Fans only. Is this creative marketing or offensive exclusivity? I’m not on Facebook and fancy a slab.

From Aunty Francis (not my Aunty, someone else).

Lo! What marketing trickery is this?! And wait, I must check my digital roller deck to feel my way toward their communication details, invite them immediately around for a cup o tea, and Guest Speaker slot at Durham.  I’m nodding and agreeing and almost believing this as a decent marketing strategy…

…until, the penny drops; you can’t eat chocolate on Facebook! Yet.

It is quite clear ‘Aunty Francis’ that this is a ploy to get me to mention your chocolate association. And I thought your intentions were pure. But I was deceived!

Facebook branding is all about image rather than substance. This translates conveniently into consumption.  A shorthand way to representation, but with nothing substantial. There is a murky success here in terms of achieved brand recognition. But dubious associations in terms of marketing eats.

I’m feeling quite partial to a couple of slabs of chocolate now, and I’ve been reduced into an uncertain transaction with Facebook. Great for my waistline, but does nothing for the lack of taste on my tongue.

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