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#2084 Old flames. Fresher.

Friday 4th October, 2013

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Dear Mariann,

I am like Sherlock; tracking down old flames on Facebook, but from the refuge of the university library where it is Fresher’s Week and there are new flames aplenty.  Any tips on how to gain access to all the ‘research’ that I might need?

Ta. Post inspired by another Sherlock, MG.
Up and down the University led land, now that Fresher’s Week’s are truly upon us [I ‘do’ Induction too doncha know] it is obvious from your concerns that you neither care if the flame is ‘old’ or indeed ‘young’ in relative heritage.
I find it a little bit revolting that you are using up University Resources to track down potential Freshness. Shudders.
There should be a fairness to sex; this equates to not only equality in terms of relationships, but also the terms and conditions under which you come together. I sound like a legal cause here as reader’s to this blog will know that I have Friends with whom legal standing is not only their bread and butter, but denotes good social standing. Also, I prefer individuals who are not an Arse.
Please do not be an Arse.
It is very easy to make mistakes on Facebook.  Even if these get eliminated in the great wash of messages and Wall postings, trace elements will remain. And outside of Fresher’s Weeks it is likely that these arousal’s might capture one or others attention unexpectedly, with perhaps unintended consequences.
It is unlikely that you will cast aside the spread of your net through Facebook as a dating tool. The heritage of the Platform ran as a ‘lookbook’ of ‘hotties’ and ‘notties’, and it is hard to remove these excesses. Hard especially when you reflect on the whom and why you choose to friend some folk and not others.
A good question to ask yourself with a degree of regularity should be; ‘why am I ‘friends’ with such and such’. Do note that in any other proper context (as in you actually know this person) you would not need to reflect in such a manner.
Go! Go now!
Throw caution to the wind.
It is Fresher’s Week.
Close the laptop (plenty of time for this and your actual studies later).
Close the laptop.
Go now, I urge you.
Go! to a real Fresher’s meetup.
Enjoy. Old and new flames. They might burn or they might sizzle.

And when the dwindling frou-frou of denim end in the slam of the door, you can trust that you have had a real experience, not one mediated through a screen.

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