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Friday 22nd November, 2013

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Dear Mariann,

options for this story are none
A 33 year old woman decided to update her Facebook status. You won’t believe what happened next..!
Lots of love from B S-S [I may have added the additional love]
Was there a good poking? Were comments sieged upon and then edited to ‘look cool’? I can’t wait to know!
I recently updated on Facebook too, being on 32 years young this cannot possibly compare with your experience, but a few moments after the update I developed a taste for it.  You update, friends comment, how extraordinarily impressively smart of social networking.
I’m getting fond of this and I have a feeling that all my friends are really interested in what I have to say.
I expect that this is not a common experience at all. In fact, I reckon on only you and I having found such a moment of interaction. No-one else is in on this social networking thing at all are they?! Such a [secret] thrill!
With the above in place, I then recommend lengthy sessions of ill-advised updates – preferably in and around midnight and after you have friended your Line Manager at work. What could go wrong?!!! Follow this up with a series of drunken images and the crippling shame should be enough to ensure that you and I never update again.
Hope I’ve helped.

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