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Sunday 24th November, 2013

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Dear Mariann,

I think that one Profile page on Facebook is enough.  Now that I know my husband has three Profile’s should I be alarmed, worried or something else?…

Thanks, in the Ministry, Sally. 

So far Sally your husband sounds to be having a splendid run of success. His firm masterly of social networking activity sounds lovely. For him. Much better to have three Profile’s you see. I am going to refer to Husband’s actions as a Profile Posing.

Three kinds of Profile correspond with the three kinds of relationships: one sort (your marriage) folds up instantly; another sort goes round and round in circles of lust; finally there might be one that neither party want to admit to publicly – but being ‘friends’ on Facebook is ok. It is likely that both sets of networks share an overlap with yours as wife and husband.

Your Husband’s language says: ‘I have decided to be more flexible in my application of my Husbandry principle’ and this means. “I am dropping out of this marriage but I don’t want to admit it to my Wife.’

OFFICIAL Profile – His shared with you
His actions say:
“A Profile Page is no preparation for marriage.”

There are seven ways of explaining away the fact that Husband has three Profiles:
a. He has already changed his relationship reasoning;

b. He is looking to redraw his boundaries;

c. Your marriage was compensation for special extra perks, which have now stopped;

d. This is only a passing phase;

e. A major factor is his having already moved on (known technically as three-timing in this instance);

f. There has been an unforeseen but important shift in personal status and his emotionally and physical associations have ‘arisen’ elsewhere;

g. Other relationships have already been allocated.

Annihilation of your marriage is bad enough. Without three Profile Pages to make it even worse.

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