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#2090 look up what egregious means

Tuesday 26th November, 2013

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Dear Mariann,

There are of course some idiots in my friend network. I have diverted some friends away from Facebook account by being deliberately obnoxious. I believe that it is a friends duty to help others. Am I the only one who is such an idealist?… How might I suck up to the right friends from here on in?…

From Wooley, once friended, then unfriended, until friended again.

You don’t want to waste your time curating your friend network in such an individualised manner.  Why don’t you let your friends fight it out amongst themselves.  Create a Friends Honour List, then this becomes a matter of accepting a friend request, even if you feel that they do not deserve it.

What about the honour of CMF, stands for Call Me Friend. And then another honour as KCMF for Kindly Call Me (Friend).

How would friends know that they are up for such honourable recommendation?… You could set up a Facebook Group named as  ‘Don’t friend me’, and no-one could refuse such a honour for membership. Then you might want to look up what egregious means, and don’t be hurt if you end with no friends.

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