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#2091 a vanity order

Tuesday 26th November, 2013

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Dear Mariann,

I want to specifically ask, how can I get friends to look at images of me?

Thanks, Nigel.

Yawn. I don’t think that this is a very great improvement on my arguments of the ‘age of the selfie’, being less narcissistic and more an extension of natural social diversions. Instead, Nigel, you bring in precisely the level of vanity the press are spending their energy concentrating on.

Don’t you think of anything except yourself?
What about genuine friendship; what about beauty; what about spontaneous interaction; what about?…

But I must accommodate your vanity needs.

Do you any small furry animals in the vicinity? a mankini? some quirky talent? then it is your duty to support your network in the capture and publication of such nonsense. Now don’t be a nuisance please. Instagram is not your only chance of survival, this is when your concentration is at your weakest, and you are most vulnerable.

Keep this up and you will become your very own exhibit.

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