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#2091 What does compound mean?

Tuesday 26th November, 2013

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Dear Mariann,

Friends have fallen out. I am (their words) the cause of the discontent. Friends say that I have been trying to influence things one way or another. They do not know that I am dealing with things (of another matter) completely on my own.  I do not want to be caught in the  middle of this argument or any others. I simply do not have the energy. It feels as though I am moving amongst rotten vegetables and stupid animals. Do you have any advice?

From very unhappy FDA.

Things are inconclusive. Might be open to other considerations. A longer-term and more mature perspective would ilk new light on current events. This is what you are emphasising in your context of the ‘facts’.  D

escribed (in your longer email to me) the stupid animals that your friends represent are out blood/blame.


Consider yourself the goat of scape, unlikely to escape.

I think that you have an excellent hold on theirs and yours situation.You might want to avoid any more provocation asking the actual difference between friendly advice and support on the one hand; and un/friendly criticism on the other.

Ah, this is simple I hear you reply: Friendship is, by its animal nature, also a compound of unfriendly fire.

I think that I would agree, but can we explain this a little more clearly?… What does, for example, compound mean? I expect not to… err… compound.

Welcome to my appalling cynicism. They sound like rotten friends indeed. I find it difficult to accept their negative influence on you. And it is even worse, you are not sticking up for yourself.

[Reflecting on defying the ‘friendly’ directive from your network]
Their allusion to yours having stabbed them in the back and spat in their face… I’d like to know your answer on this one; as in the way in which you were able to have stabbed from behind, while being front-on to spit in the face.

This is quite the feat.

The trouble with your dilemma is a consequence of networked-tionalism. I’ve known this sort of context to happen before; one moment you complain of friends, the next moment you are without friends to complain to, or even of.

Surely a friend is a friend. If they are not, then you simply co-exist on a social network, and they to you are only a temporary setback as a two-faced creep.

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