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#2092 loud and clear

Friday 29th November, 2013

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Dear Mariann,

I’ve come all this way with Facebook, but you know what I think that I’ve run out of things to say. So what F*ck*ng now?!

From Communist.

Ah well done, you’ve managed to create a dilemma so tiresome that you’ve already pulled it around – to nothing. There’s no flap on your jack.

Let me be really clear: Once you’ve started a fire, it’s still burning. None of this should be happening. Do as you’re told. That’s Facebook telling you what to do.

I’m not quite sure on what level of reality that you think that you are operating on here. If you don’t say what you said, or what you don’t want to say on Facebook – get it into your head, you are on Facebook. Facebook expects you to carry on.

The line is now, that you have to tell your friends what you are up to. You can’t walk away from this. Give me one reason, as to why you should get along without Facebook?  I know why you should not, cos you’d be dead. To me, to your friends, to everyone. You simply would not exist.

Get on with it.

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