Proper Facebook Etiquette

#2094 Do not make this a friend issue.

Monday 2nd December, 2013

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Dear Mariann,

No, no, no! listen! my friend’s commandeered my Facebook Page? What should I do?!!!

From Contaminate Therapy and OMG!.

That’s not strictly true is it?  Are they (your friends) a tad pee’d off by any chance?

Have  a coffee. Hell have some coffee and biscuits.

Do not make this a friend issue.

Nobody should go as your friend; you’ve got so much on as it is.

On the inside, you’re screaming ‘don’t touch me!’; on the outside, you’re going to get punched.

Let me make you a cup of tiny tea.

Can you (please)! keep the friend weapons away from me?….

Every now and then you’re going to get an incidence of ‘friendly’ fire. You are in danger of beating up your own gals n guys. No, this is exciting, it is good. This is friendship as it is. Oh, come on Contaminate you can do this!

Your friends are friend-ering, (as in taking over your Facebook), consider them as check-point-Charlie.  This is open territory of being a s(h)itting duck.

If you really uphold your page, keep your trap and your arse cheeks tightly closed. Have you seen Spooks? I think I should end on an ominous and slightly strange tone. Just try and compose yourself.

IF any unexpected updates, simply state that there’s been an insanity signifier.

Fruit by the pound.

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