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Sunday 8th December, 2013

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Dear Mariann,

I want to know what to do, my neighbour has very loud intimate moments with her life partner.  They are not married, but it is not for me to say if this is right or wrong.  I know that she has used Facebook in the past to find new boyfriends, and I wonder if revenge is a dish best served cold. Can you please advise on the correct path with which to find a suitably vocal partner to engage in choral activities. I would like one with more than a poke.

From Patricia.

Patricia, falling in love is not only very hard on the knees (so say Aerosmith), but also very real.  You might shake your head at your neighbour and her vocal range with her soulmate, but poor deluded you thinking of using Facebook as an appropriate cover to meet a new partner in order to extend your octave range.

I suggest that you give up on choral practice and throw caution to the wind and grasp at some supernatural ideal that is not intended for mortals but something that sounds pretty in a poetry book. Then join a ‘proper’ dating website and enjoy the full octave frequency of a duet.

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