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#2099 effect of Facebook on a woman’s common sense

Tuesday 10th December, 2013

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Dear Mariann,

I am troubled by the undermining effect of Facebook on a woman’s common sense. Especially that of my girlfriend. Please advise.

Mr Flowers. Sent without le fleur. 

Muse on this,  Mister Flowers, but the psychology of Facebook is yet to be fully considered.  This makes me happy, as I get to continue to write here.

I expect Her (your girlfriend, I would not like to speak for all womankind) feels that it is a woman’s duty to be attentive to her reputation and profile and that she manage in an appropriate manner all her social media diversions. Mister Flower’s I expect that this is all nonsense to you, but rest assured that Facebook is a cultivated art.

If art be about nothingness.

In another correspondence you mentioned how Facebook had become a ‘last resort’ for communication.  I tut (if only to secretly agree).  One might warn of such stubbornness and impertinence, but how else would you know what your girlfriend was up to, or indeed know that she were even your girlfriend?  Facebook informs you of both these perspectives.

Know this; when women are from Facebook, men are from Facebook. Deal with it.

George Carlin (said something similar, albeit entirely different in context and content).


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