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Sunday 15th December, 2013

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Hi there

Just wanting to know if it right for your family to make friends on Facebook with your ex wife (who they evidently disliked when you were married to her) and her new husband who they have never met?


Let us say Anon sent to pfbe submit.

Like any Shakespeare tragedy/comedy, I want to know the context behind your throw-away aside; ‘who they evidently disliked’. 

Have you considered that this might be a case of know your enemy’s rather than any indication of playing favourites?… Perhaps they’ll follow this up with humorous tags on Her and His pages.  In tone I detect a bit of huffing and puffing and posturing from you here. IF we were using Instagram you’d be posing with your chest out, hands on hips and a dissatisfied glint in your eye.

Glints aside, given these circumstances I’d posture too. Surely ‘ex-wife’ denotes ‘ex-family’ and thus, must be removed not only from all social situations, but also all social contexts – especially Facebook and other social sites. Simply put; She is not in my bed anymore, so she should not be in yours – given the high presence of hardware in bedrooms (I mean laptops n smartdevices boys n gals) this comment is intentionally flippant, double-ended and fully of purpose.

On a related note, did you know that  Nearly 1 out of 10 Americans use smartphones during sex  This is ‘digital trending’ at its very worse, but it’s published on that internet so it must be true. I wonder if this is limited to being only in America, or if there is a geographical and other positional elements to this?…

To draw to a close your dilemma, you end pointedly with ‘who they have never met.’  Why take offense at this?  SNSs and networking is all about those characters you have never met. Sharpen your composure. Delete her from your Christmas list and let the rest of your family spy on her new set up for you.  This allows you to sit back, whilst looking to smoke the pipe of peace.

There’s no higher ground than that of the smug and right. And this is what is most pleasing to hear; You are in the right.

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