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#2106 a death blow

Friday 27th December, 2013

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Dear Mariann,

My fiancé would like to invite his ex-girlfriend to the most important day of our lives.  I feel as though I have lost my love and I do not know how to get him back. After Christmas he seems distant and ill-at-ease.  Perhaps my present was not enough?… Perhaps there is a gift to bestow via Facebook or some other means, could you please advise?

Sent on a postcard to my lovely home address (I know you!), but here you are Ms Anon.

Oh just say that this is all fine. Then insist on a something shiny, or some absurdly good-looking, smart, tall and successful man from your past who can sit next to you at High Table. He can suddenly be your confidant [and more] – someone like Adrian Lester or Denzel Washington (swoon) would be lovely eye-candy – and with smarts(!), for they are handsome and charming and look damn good in a suit or breeches.

So how does your fiancé like that? Be prepared for him to feel insecure and useless as you look upon handsome.

No, you are not shallow. Much.

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