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Saturday 28th December, 2013

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Dear Mariann,

For New Year we (my husband and I) have invites from an especially elderly family member who also happened to provide cabbages, a satsuma and too-small full briefs for Christmas. Despite her age (94) she is on Facebook and has tagged me trying on my new pants, and then trying to get out of them. 

Please advise, so that I can ensure that we are not together over new year and that all offending images are removed. My husband thinks she is hilarious and wants to spend new years with her. I am less amused.
Rachel, by festive email

Reply thus (if you must, though I agree with your husband, she sounds a hoot);

Dear XXXX, thank you so much for the cabbage, satsuma and knicker over Christmas.

Whilst some of my items were a bit tight, since the un-wrapping the husband and I [insert name here] have had so much fun combining your gifts that we shall be quite busy (and frisky) over New Year.  So thank you for your kind invite, but we could not possibly impose on your Facebook updates with more images of our under-wares.

Love etc.

Seems a shame that your dear family member and husband will miss out on all the potential fun. I urge you to reconsider your selfishness Rachel and for once let yourself be publicly humiliated on Facebook – for one more night.

This is what social networking is for.

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