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#2111 HNY & a way to train him out of all his bad habits

Wednesday 1st January, 2014

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Dear Mariann,

I am in charge of my husband’s new year resolutions, is there a way to train him out of all his bad habits, especially his ridiculous long stays on Facebook?…

From significant u’ver via online submission form

Yes. With a bit of practice, it is perfectly possible to conduct an experiment that will ensure that Husband tows the line on Facebook and indeed away from his NewsFeed.  You should do this because there will come a time when he’ll tire of his digital companions and want the warm arms of passion that you have to offer.

Here is my experiment (no control group required): Shop. Yes, madam, purchase some ling-erie accoutrements (for you, not him!), and you’ll find Husband suddenly quite responsive to your touch and manner of persuasion about all kinds of things.

Short-term, he might have transferred his affections elsewhere, but Husband has yet to disappear altogether.

Another method, and this is how you apply tactically your experiment; if Husband has lost all appeal, continue with the shopping, but leave him to his bad habits… you can find your fun elsewhere.

Keep going until you get what you want, and make it clear that any neglect is at the others peril, and satisfactory conclusion of your experiment.

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