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#2113 Facebook’s going to the dogs

Saturday 25th January, 2014

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Dear Mariann,

Facebook’s going to the dogs don’t you think? Everyone’s deserting the sinking ship. Does this mean that only the rats will be left?

From T. Aiga via email [and a graduate from 2012 / one of my students]

Mister Aiga MSc (well done btw with the Distinction), aside the mixed metaphors here, let me put an/other ‘academic’ gloss on these observations.

The Teenage exodus must be matched against the housewives favourite pass time. She who spends HOURS on Facebook. She who also holds the purse strings. She who has the money. So the teenagers are leaving Facebook. So what?! All the marketing is set up to entice those who have a steady income and might actually want a Russian Bride / Cheryl Cole weight loss camp / Molton Brown Sale < Wait a minute, what was that last one?!!!

On a personal note, I am besotted with making amends with an old friend.

Facebook is useful for this tentative exchange as we both cautiously try and reconnect.

And you can discover some awful truth’s while nosing on their Wall.  Especially if they make no attempt to clear it their Profile after an unflattering attack. 

So yes the rats are leaving the sinking ship, and they leave only the ‘dogs’ behind.

We’ll have to rename it ‘dogbook’. bow-wow and make sure we don’t tread in their sh*te.

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