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#2115 This woman is not for you!

Saturday 15th February, 2014

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Dear Mariann,

My wife did nothing for Valentines. She is now very low in my estimations and I wonder if I should update to something intentionally fruity to remind her of what she should have done. 

From WHawrd via email and not Cupid.

I am genuinely shocked that your wife has not followed to the letter the marketing dictum that you must buy something/go out for a meal/ receive anything with a heart on it all in the name of Hallmark’s greatest publicity achievement. And you tell me she did none of these things?!!!!! I’d send a request for Divorce immediately.  If she failed on Valentines imagine how cr*p your birthday and any other anniversary will be – she sounds like the kind of woman who thinks for herself and would miss the ‘tell your husband he’s nice day’; and don’t forget ‘here’s another card with a heart on it not really a day about anything day’.

This woman is not for you! You want an app for that… Have you seen Her? She would be ideal. And you are guaranteed to be able to turn Her on and off. She probably would read through all your email though.




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