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#2116 “I wouldn’t call this a question at all. It’s just stupid and tasteless.” •

Sunday 16th February, 2014

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Dear Mariann,

I wonder if you get any sensible questions?

From J.Clarkes&Son via a lovely postcard (thanks Chaps).

Darling J. I wonder too? Is yours one of those or another or those others?…

Mostly I like those questions that tell the listener more about the proposer: How much longer do we have to wait? [insecure, impatient and slightly trying] Have you ever had a sex tape on Facebook [more insecure, very impatient and completely exasperating] Is this normal? [insecure, indecisive and indiscreet!]

Very telling indeed.Pardon me then, but I’ve an overwhelming desire to kiss you for your lovely question.  It is a rare thing for anyone to enquire after these pages in a manner that is not entirely self-focused.  Yours is what I like to call a soft-focus proposition. Presumably I’ll check my inbox again after this and see something completely mad.  For now I raise your sensible question with a sensible answer: A. No.


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