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#2119 satisfactory selfie with no knickers

Monday 24th March, 2014

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Dear Mariann,

My mother always told me that you should wear clean knickers if you were planning on leaving the house, that these should be pressed and also infused with something fragrant. Presently, I do not leave the house, but I do continue with my job (as a journalist) getting along quite nicely with videoconference and daily Selfie.  Is mother still right? And if yes, then do I adopt her terms and conditions to my present digital life?

Yours in a twist, Karen, Slough.

So long as you are not Skype-ing or Face-Timing in under Sharon Stone conditions, then I think your status as a professional; , albeit behind-the-screen, woman will be secure.

When Instagram update software to include scratch n sniff then we may have to revisit how you continue this image of success.  Meanwhile, I’d give yourself as much fresh air as possible.

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