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#2120 sexism on clothing fronts

Monday 24th March, 2014

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Dear Mariann,

I am a Keynote for a Women Leaders in Innovation Conference. I want to cast aside any prejudices and arrive in a tuxedo, replete with matching waistcoat and cigar.  However, I have been advised that I should wear something casual and that denim is encouraged. I wonder if I should combine these two fronts – a denim suit?

Thanks Sally, Cirencester  

A denim tux; yes that’ll really fox them with their tech/gender politic prejudice. You’ve got them right there Sally. Adopt either of your solutions and there’s a perfect storm here to look like a bit-of-a-prat.

I was at a similar ‘women-only’ conference only last month, our Keynote and headline act of the day spoke at length about the merits of a ‘good suit’, and that ‘Next has a splendid line’.  Given that the agenda for the day was political advocacy and digital influence, this was…. well disappointing.

The discussion on the conference Facebook Group Wall was similarly disappointing.

Ladies, this is all well and good, but do the equivalent men-only conferences require time talking about the merits of Moss Bros over Marks and Spencer or deciding on what height heel is most appropriate for which trousers? No.

Sally, start valuing yourself properly beyond denim or a tux, find a good tailor if you must, but never make any apology for how you appear when you have been asked to be a Keynote – so surely your standing is secure on the intellectual front.

If all else fails, wear glasses.

Google do have a good line.

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